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5 Pakistani Rupee = 0.11 Papua New Guinea Kina. 10 Pakistani Rupee = 0.22 Papua New Guinea Kina. Turkish lira (TRY) is the currency used in Turkey. Turkish lira currency symbol: YTL; Turkish lira coins available: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 Kr , 1TL; Turkish lira banknotes  Turkish lira (TRY) is the currency used in Turkey. Turkish lira currency symbol: YTL; Turkish lira coins available: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 Kr , 1TL; Turkish lira banknotes  Uzbekistani som to Pakistani rupee, 1 UZS = 0.0152 PKR. Uzbekistani som to US 1 UZS = 0.0123 ISK. Uzbekistani som to Italian lira, 1 UZS = 0.1534 ITL. Currency Converter” supports all currencies for over one hundred eighty currencies as well as the America dollar, British pound, rupee, Australian dollar, dollar,  1 NGN to PKR Live Currency Exchange Rates Conversion- CurrencyFreaks. PKR (PKR) Pakistani Rupee, RUB (₽) Russian Ruble, SAR (SR) Saudi Riyal, SGD (S$) Singapore Dollar, THB (฿) Thai Baht, TRY (TL) Turkish Lira, TWD  1 Pakistani Rupee = 0.11 Swedish Krona, PKR 5000 = SEK 274.25, GET 1 Lira = 0.11 Swedish Krona, TRY 5000 = SEK 5126.698, GET. 1 Dollar = 0.11  Turkisk lira förkortas TL och hänvisas till som Türk Lirasi i Turkiet. 1 kuruþ har ett värde av 3 öre när man konverterar det till SEK medan 200 Lira har ett värde  Online växelkursberäknare mellan X2 och PKR med utökade data.

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In 1963, 10 and 25 paise coins were introduced, followed by 2 paise the next year. 1 rupee coins were reintroduced in 1979, followed by 2 rupees in 1998 and 5 rupees in 2002. 2 paise coins were last minted in 1976, with 1 paisa coins ceasing production in 1979. US Dollar Rates Today. Pakistan Rupee yesterday performance against USD shows decrease in PKR 0.1 or 0.07% in value. Monthly USD to PKR fluctuation during the last 30 days shows increase by PKR -3 and -1.92 in term of percentage, Yearly performance of US Dollar to PKR difference shows 1 US Dollar increase by PKR -9.5 and -5.83% in value. PKR is the currency of Pakistan Rupee.

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Växelkurs hos de olika 1 Rupie (PKR to_currency ) blir 0.06 Kronor (SEK Turkiet · TRY (Nya Lira), 1.05. Turkmenistan · TMT  There are only 1, 5 and 10 krona coins left. As bank notes only 20, 50, 100, and 500 SEK notes are commonly used. The 1000 SEK note is rarely seen in shops  Uppdatera kalkylatorn.

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The current TRY/PKR exchange rate is 18.90. (Last updated on April 15, 2021 06:45:06 UTC). It means you will get PKR 18.9013 for 1 TRY or TRY 0.0529 for 1 PKR. 2021-04-17 · Today Iran Rials Rate to Pakistan Rupee (1 IRR to PKR) is 0.0036459625 PKR, all prices are updated every hour to give you the best IRR to PKR conversion.

1 lira to pkr

Date: Bank Commission +/- 0% +/- 1% +/- 2% (Typical ATM rate) +/- 3% (Typical Credit Card rate) +/- 4% +/- 5% (Typical Kiosk rate) Print Page. Currency Conversion Tables. Convert Turkish lira to Pakistani Rupee Today. Last Updated: Tuesday 20 April 2021, 04:00 am, GMT. 1 (TRY) Turkish lira= 18.9217 (PKR) Pakistani Rupee.
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Source: free currency rates (FCR) This graph show how much is 1 Pound Sterlings in Pakistani Rupees - 211.37584 PKR, according to actual pair rate equal 1 GBP = 211.3758 PKR. Yesterday this currency exchange rate plummeted on -0.01959 and was ₨ 211.35625 Pakistani Rupees for £ 1. On the last week currencies rate was cheaper for ₨-1.83776 PKR.Last month GBP:PKR rate was on ₨6.71059 PKR … Currency conversion rates from Pakistani Rupee to Turkish lira today Tue, 06 Apr 2021: convert from PKR to TRY and also convert in a reverse direction. Rates are based on real time exchange rates. Exchange rates are updated every 15 minutes. 2 dagar sedan · Historical Exchange Rates For Turkish Lira to Pakistani Rupee 18.30 19.21 20.13 21.04 21.96 22.87 Dec 21 Jan 05 Jan 20 Feb 04 Feb 19 Mar 06 Mar 21 Apr 05 120-day exchange rate history for TRY to PKR Quick Conversions from Turkish Lira to Pakistani Rupee : 1 TRY = 18.85363 PKR Omvandla 1 Italian Lira till Pakistansk rupie.

TRY Turkish Lira This graph show how much is 1 Turkish Liras in Pakistani Rupees - 21.69977 PKR, according to 1 Turkish lira = 18.7019 Pakistani Rupee. Saturday, 10 April 2021, 12:00 Ankara time, Saturday, 10 April 2021, 14:00 Islamabad time. Following are currency exchange calculator and the details of exchange rates between Turkish lira (TRY) and Pakistani Rupee (PKR). Enter the amount of money to be converted from Turkish lira ( TRY) to Pakistani Rupee ( PKR ), it is converted as you type. Wise gives you the real, mid-market, exchange rate, so you can make huge savings on international transfers. Compare us to your bank Send money with Wise.
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1.00 TRY = 18.66 7211 PKR. Apr 04, 2021 00:34 UTC. View TRY Rates Table; View PKR Rates Table; View TRY / PKR Graphs; 1. Configure Converter. The page provides the exchange rate of 2019 Pakistani Rupee (PKR) to Turkish Lira (TRY), sale and conversion rate. Moreover, we added the list of the most popular conversions for visualization and the history table with exchange rate diagram for 2019 Pakistani Rupee (PKR) to Turkish Lira (TRY) from Sunday, 11/04/2021 till Sunday, 04/04/2021.

Exchange Rate 1 Lira =.
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Following are currency exchange calculator and the details of exchange rates between Turkish lira (TRY) and Pakistani Rupee (PKR). ll 【MTL1 = ₨417.0021】 Maltese lira to Pakistani rupee rate today. Free online currency conversion based on exchange rates. Currency converter The converter shows the conversion of 1 Maltese lira to Pakistani rupee as of Monday, 5 April 2021.

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(TRY) Turkish Lira 1 TRY = 21.9222 PKR. TO =.

— 18.66 Pakistani Rupee. Currency Converter Get widget. TRY. Convert 1 Turkish Lira to Pakistani Rupee.